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You might have heard the phrase ‘’content is king’’. Coined back in 1996 by Bill Gates, it still rings true today. Content, at least quality content remains king, for just about every business globally, including aviation and aerospace.  More and more aviation and aerospace businesses embrace content writing as they realise the value of growing their brand and customer base. As an aviation business in 2021 and beyond, you must engage in some content writing.  If you don’t know where to start, just read our best practices below.


What is Aviation Content Writing?

In the digital age, content writing is a massive industry on its own that keeps expanding and covers so many things like website pages, blog posts, online ads, email campaigns, e-books, infographics, social media posts, and more.  As an aviation business, the opportunities are endless if you know how to use content writing properly.  If you’re like most businesses, you may feel overwhelmed or just don’t really know enough about it. That’s where a great content writing service comes in handy, especially one that specialises in the aviation sector.  This ensures that content is created with expertise in the industry. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.


Importance of Content for the Aviation Sector

With more than 1.7 billion websites on Google, the web is highly saturated. This means as an aviation business (flight school, charter operator, airline, airport, etc.), you have plenty of competition. It’s not enough to have a well-designed website. Even a good reputation will only get you so far in this changing world of ours. That’s why big brands like Virgin, Qantas, Emirates, and many more have invested in content writing. You now must have quality content that gets your customers and potential customers engaged with your brand. In our expert opinion, too many aviation websites still fall short of this, hurting their business and reputation. Don’t let this be you. So, what does quality content mean? Here are a few best tips:

  • Writing is engaging and relevant to your target audience
  • Writing shows a high level of expertise and knowledge of your field
  • Writing is free from grammatical and spelling mistakes
  • It’s written with a purpose in mind
  • Adds value and benefit to your readers – inform, educate, entertain, or a combination of these
  • It builds brand awareness.
  • It turns readers into customers and, ultimately, fans.


Benefits of Content Writing for Your Aviation Business

Let’s dive a little deeper or, in our case, fly a little higher and look into the main benefits that content writing can bring to your aviation business.


Get You More Sales and Leads

Every business must make a profit to be sustainable. Aviation is no different, and with COVID, we have seen the devastation it caused in the sector. Most aviation businesses, including giants like Qantas, suffered major blows to their profit during COVID.  The fact is that content writing can help aviation businesses generate more sales and leads by offering customers solutions or at least answers to their problems through the content that is put out.  Remember, we all go online in search of a solution or an answer to a problem. Good content must provide this. It could be in the form of a website page, blog post, article, etc.


Get a Boost In Google Rankings

SEO and content go together like the wings of an aeroplane, so content that follows proper SEO will organically boost rankings on Google. This means more visibility and exposure for your aviation brand. Remember, Google favours content that has been SEO optimised and regularly sends out its web crawlers, otherwise known as spiders, to analyse and rank websites.  Google will naturally favour websites that are regularly producing SEO optimised content. But SEO can be a tricky beast to master, so having a team of digital marketing experts to do it for you will be so much easier. You can get on with running your aviation business.


Establish Brand Tone of Voice

Along with brand exposure and growth, content writing will help establish your brand tone of voice for your aviation business. When done right, this can help you be seen as a reputable voice in your field of aviation or aerospace. In turn, it can do wonders for your thought leadership in the industry. So much of great branding comes down to content writing when you stop and take a look.  Unfortunately, some aviation businesses still haven’t caught up and don’t fully appreciate the value of content writing to their business and overall brand.


Customer Loyalty and Repeat Business

Every business on earth wants customer loyalty and repeat business. After all, this is what essentially keeps you in business in the long run; by creating regular content for your aviation business, your massively increasing your chances of giving both your existing customers and prospects a reason to come back. Consistency builds visibility, rapport, and trust for a business, but it also helps with building customer loyalty and repeat business. Remember, aviation customers of today are different from aviation customers of twenty years ago. Today customers want and expect digital content from businesses. This is how they can engage with your brand and even learn from you. After all, whether it’s informative, educational, or just entertaining, content is always teaching people something.

If the idea of creating content consistently is just too overwhelming or simply not viable for your aviation business, hire a content writing service that specialises in aviation.


Book a time with our team from Off the Ground Marketing today, and let’s discuss how we can get your content writing off the ground.

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