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The Aviation Industry has more than 50 million jobs and spends more than $2 trillion each year. It is a saturated marketplace where airlines, airports, flight schools and aviation associations are competing for clients. The aviation world has a lot to gain by using a website in its digital marketing mix. Websites can be an effective sales and lead generation tool, promoting products and services to wider audiences while building repeat business, new revenue streams, increasing customer loyalty, getting more leads and create brand awareness.

Prospective customers are actively searching the Internet for aviation websites like yours. You have to keep in mind that your website is essentially just an online storefront. If you sell products, you should have them listed – if you sell services, all the required information should be front and centre and give plenty of call-to-actions allowing potential buyers to contact you or book in for a consult.

The vast majority of small and mid-sized aircraft owners and operators recognize that having a website is essential in today’s world – but most don’t realize how important having the proper digital infrastructure is.

We can design or develop a website that acts as the key leads generating tool for your aviation business, and if you’re wondering what separates a website that converts visitors into customers and one that doesn’t, you are in the right place.

Our Tools for Aviation Web Design

Responsive design.

Your website must look as good on a smartphone as it does on a desktop computer. Having the right web design ensures that clients arrive at your website easily, and remain there until they make a purchase decision.

A Short Navigation Menu

Many aviation companies struggle to keep their navigation menu under six items. Anything more than six can clutter your website, making it more challenging to convey your message to visitors. Stick to six or fewer fundamental parts with a “contact” link as the last item for optimum results. An aviation web design business can assist you in determining which elements are most crucial.

Attractive Images, Graphics and Videos

Professional images, videos, and designs not only look great but also give your website visitors a sense of trust.

Scannable Content

When someone comes to your primary pages, they should be able to rapidly scan through it and get a feel for what you’re all about. Large bodies of text (which turn most people off) are avoided. Instead, try headers, subheaders, bullet points, and so on to organize your material.

Landing Pages.

Websites with many landing pages have a higher conversion rate. Off the Ground can create an abundance of well-written, keyword-rich material for your site – this helps in landing and retaining new business.

A Regular Blog

Adding a blog to your website not only informs search engines that you’re providing new material but also establishes you as an expert in the field. One caution when it comes to blogging: You must focus on publishing regularly! Off the Ground can help you design a strategy for this or merely do it for you!

Optimize your Site

A well-maintained aviation website means you will be prioritized on search engines. If your website hasn’t been optimized within three months, this is certainly something that needs to be looked at.

Why is Web Design so Important for the Aviation Industry?

The first interaction a prospective client has with you will usually be conducted via the internet. It takes a minute or two for that first impression to determine whether a prospective customer should contact you at all. When the type of site reaches the client, a strategic design needs to be in place. Rather than merely offering “just another website,” we have a deep understanding of the industry’s demographic and what gets the best results with the perfect website.

Let’s get you Off the Ground; we exclusively work with aviation companies to perfect their web design and development with the ultimate goal of growing the aviation industry. Not sure where to start? Book in for a free consultation today.

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Our marketing experts are jet fuel junkies, with a passion for all thing’s aviation and it’s this combination of marketing and aviation that makes us great at what we do.

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