How Flight Schools Can Market their Flight Training in 2021

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Off the Ground Marketing
Off the Gound Marketing

As a flight school, you understand the importance of marketing your flight training. After all, its marketing that makes you visible to students and instructors. Now with COVID-19 the greatest disruptor to aviation to date, flight schools need to step up like never before to survive. To help you we’ve put together this highly practical guide that shows you how to market your flight training.


Segment your Flight School’s Marketing

Flight schools usually have two types of students– career-oriented students (wanting to build a career in aviation) and recreational students (flying for fun). We have found amongst many flight schools that they don’t segment their marketing. They say the same thing to both groups. This is wrong as each group has their own motivations, desires, and frustrations. So, your flight training marketing should be highly targeted and have messaging that is customised to each group.


Put Together or Participate in a Flying Event

Let your imagination fly here (excuse the pun but we think it works) and consider putting together or participating in a flying event when it’s safe to do so of course. This could be an open day at your flight school, a learn to fly month or learn to fly weekend, air show participation etc. Give some or all of these strategies a try:

  • Create short 30- to 60-minute ground schools to introduce people to flight and aviation
  • Offer introductory flights
  • Offer air tours
  • Schedule a flight instructor to speak for 20-30 minutes with Q&A to follow
  • Schedule an aircraft mechanic to speak for 20-30 minutes with Q&A to follow
  • Schedule one of your current student pilots to speak about the training with Q&A to follow


Note – alternately if you have the right digital technology & and the right people online you could set this up as an online event.  Get help with it from digital aviation marketing experts who will help you set it up and market it for you too.


Go Digital and Beyond with Flight Training in 2021

We now live in the digital age and pretty much every business on earth has to adapt or else they will get outdated and get out of business. When it comes to marketing your flight, training considers these strategies:

  • Do online short flight training courses & webinars (these are introductions to your in-depth courses).
  • Offer discounts for the first 50 participants that sign up.
  • Do some paid ads to promote this flight training.
  • Go digital with your business cards. Get on to
  • Have your email list and inform your audience of your flight training. Remember email is one of the most effective forms of marketing.
  • Mix and match flight training with other useful Example: you could offer a discounted or free First Aid Course with flight training. Partner up with an organisation like St John’s Ambulance.
  • Form strategic partnerships with aviation brands and even perhaps emergency response that are willing to promote your flight training.
  • Incorporate Virtual reality and Augmented reality into your flight training to make it more interactive for students.


Extras in Promoting your Flight Training

When it comes to marketing you can never have enough extras, so we have thrown in the following strategies to further help market your flight training:

  • Offer giveaways and prizes to students with some of your flight training.
  • Get some t-shirts and hats made up for instructors and students to wear in the community.
  • Get featured in-flight training magazines and just general aviation magazines.
  • Reach out to the media and get yourself in press releases and in the media for the good news of course! We can help you with this as we have the media contacts.
  • Hire a graphic designer to design dynamic and great-looking flying certificates that pilots can’t wait to display in their homes. Have both a digital and paper version.
  • Put a marketing message out to the media, about (eg: Flying is Fun, Flying is an Adventure etc). Perhaps now with COVID-19 can do a message about ‘flying above problems’. Put your creative cap on or get the aviation marketing experts to come up with one for you.

We hope your mind is buzzing or flying in this case with many ideas to promote your flight training. For more great ideas and just help with marketing your flight school book your FREE strategy session with our team. Contact us today.

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