Building a great digital image of your airport is one of the most critical and strategic decisions you will ever make for ‘getting the word out’ and securing more clients, along with a fantastic reputation.

Marketing Your Airport

Airports are an essential infrastructure but managing demand and outreach to passengers is still necessary for airport authorities.

  • How is your airport perceived by passengers, clients, and airlines alike?
  • Are your marketing activities supporting your growth and role in the industry?
  • Or are they neglected and stagnating your operation?

The COVID-19 crisis has placed a heavy toll on the aviation industry, but there is still room for innovation and market growth. Airports will play a vital role in this improvement and innovation.

Finding the perfect marketing strategy that can get you out there and in front of the competition is a crucial element for boosting your presence as the regions principal airport.

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Building a Digital Presence For Your Airline

Your airport’s digital image is essentially your digital footprint and includes things like your online branding, marketing, and advertising. You need to get these 100% right!

Here at Off the Ground Marketing, we know that you are busy running your airport, so let us take care of all your digital marketing for you.

Some people will argue that airports sell themselves; after all, without a local airport, aircraft don’t have a place to land. This does not mean business activities shouldn’t be innovative, diversified and grown to open up opportunities outside an airline hub. We help to recognise, create and grow these opportunities using some of the following methods:

  • Sales and Marketing, Promotional activities

  • Distribution, Pricing Revenue analysis

  • Consumer and Trade Events

  • Public Relations and Communications

Your service may be foolproof, but your online appearance can send a different message

Running an operational airstrip is no easy task – from scheduling and management, to administration and passenger coordination. Who has any time to worry about professional appearances?

While engaging with Off the Ground, we cut across borders and find markets not only locally but domestically and internationally as well. We ensure that you have the systems in place to keep you focused on what you do best, managing air travel.

“Very professional approach to marketing making use of social platforms and progressive ideas. They helped, not only, to put our brand in front of new prospective clients, but the right target market.”

Shane Woods
Shane Woods

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Average ROI

We connect you to passengers in your base geographical area, presenting you at the forefront of competition.


Aviation Agency

We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk with results-driven strategies and processes.


Aviation Businesses

It is safe to say that after our diverse range of clients, we have learnt a thing or two about what works.

Grow your traffic

Enhance the awareness of your airline by getting you seen by more potential passengers, businesses and clients.


Change the Theme

We formulate effective and compelling marketing campaigns to situate your airport as an aviation hub, not just a seat for big heavy flyings things to come and go as they please.

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Your Boarding Begins Now

Off The Ground stands ready to be your digital marketing air traffic control. Let us guide your business development efforts to a safe and comfortable landing, and present a seamless experience for your passengers. Unlike the titans of the golden age of air travel, you have Off The Ground to navigate you to your destination.

Let’s Make Things Happen!

Our marketing experts are jet fuel junkies, with a passion for all thing’s aviation and it’s this combination of marketing and aviation that makes us great at what we do.

If you’re looking to dive straight in, this is the best place to start.

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