How to grow your Private Aircraft Charter Business

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Off the Ground Marketing
Off the Gound Marketing

One of the most integral components to becoming successful in the private jet charter industry is utilising effective marketing to promote your brand, product, and services. Whether you are a private broker operating from your computer, or a large broker/operator with all the bells and whistles, having a well-established marketing team and plan can make or break your success in this industry.

Over our years of experience working with private jet charters, we have learnt how best to utilise the essential aspects of the digital world.

Although marketing is never as simple as a plug and plays template, we have narrowed down our top tips for reaching, capturing and qualifying leads, as well as creating an efficient onboarding system for new and eager clients.


This system is based on three pillars:

  • Exposure and Reach
  • Pre-Qualifying Clients
  • Client Management System


Exposure and Reach

Starting with the bread and butter, “exposure”, we believe this is best achieved with the right mix of inbound and outbound digital marketing avenues and well-researched content.

To begin with, we can establish the right ‘tools to use in the online space to reach and intrigue your ideal client by asking the following questions;

  1. Is the audience centred on specific geographical locations?
  2. What’s the purpose or intent of the buyer to use private jet or charter services?
  3. For what rational and irrational reasons are people looking to approach private jet services?
  4. What other behaviours, facts and information related to customer’s interests beyond this are known?

Jets are a luxury; in cases like this, it is advisable to learn about your customers’ situations, interests and motivations. Developing user personas can help you make decisions based on well-researched data rather than on assumptions and stereotypes.



When you have a flowing pipeline of potential clients and passengers, it becomes overwhelming and unorganised if you don’t have a system in place to manage and qualify them.

These days, interest can be measured in multiple ways, but let’s focus on the two primaries:

Physical and Online.

Your private charter operation can assess the prospects’ level of interest by measuring their online behaviour and their interactions with your business. This provides a workflow that involves human override only for the warmer leads.

By intersecting these two variables, you can categorise your leads into four kinds:


Today’s Clients: The ones that are fit and are interested. Future Clients: The ones that are fit and are not interested yet.
Possible Clients: The ones that are not fit but are interested. Waste of Time: The ones that are neither fit nor interested.

Usually, the sales team can squander time on leads that won’t manifest into serious customers or opportunities without such a system.


Client Management System

Most companies would already have a system like this in place, let alone aircraft and pilot management systems. It also really depends on how large the organisation is to warrant breaking up these systems or centralising.

Specifically, for marketing and customer/prospect management, we would recommend something that does the following at the very least.

  1. Online Presence & Exposure
  2. Customer Follow up
  3. Staff and Aircraft Calendars
  4. Client Calendars
  5. Two-way texting & email
  6. Pipeline management


We hope this provides the necessary perspective to get the ball rolling, but if you need help, we offer all these marketing solutions and the software requirements to hit the ground running. Our understanding and passion for aviation provide our clients with a marketing partner that has a real feel for their business and a team with national and international experience with every surface of the marketing and promotion process.

It is the synergetic nature of understanding all verticals in aviation that makes the whole thing work.

We are a bunch of marketers who live and breathe aviation.

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