3 Reasons Your Flight School Marketing Is Broken (And How to Fix It)

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Off the Ground Marketing
Off the Gound Marketing

As a flight school owner, manager, or instructor, your expertise is teaching students to fly. But while you know how to get an aircraft Off The Ground, you’re not quite so confident about allowing your flight school marketing campaigns to take lift off.

Flight school marketing and flight school growth are very closely linked, and now is the time to repair the damage caused by your current shortfallings. Here are the three chief issues to consider.


#1. You’re Not Reaching The Right Audiences

Many marketing ‘experts’ promote the value of visibility as though it’s the only metric that counts. Whether it’s reaching the 2.8 billion Facebook users or capitalizing on the 2 trillion Google searches per year, it’s clear that a strong presence will serve you well.

However, attempting to reach an organic global audience causes two main issues;

You’ll waste a lot of money by reaching people that aren’t prospective leads due to the geographic reach.

You’ll create a far less powerful impact when you do finally reach prospective flight students in the local area.

Therefore, you must start to focus on TARGET MARKETING. A dedicated strategy should know exactly who your flight students are (location, age, gender, financial backgrounds, etc.) and how they respond to different campaigns.

Using local search terms to marketing on the social media platforms that members of your demographic actually will help engagement levels soar.


#2. Your Campaigns Don’t Introduce Urgency

FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out, is a phenomenon that plays a massive role in modern marketing. It is especially true for companies selling luxury services that consumers could live without. Your flight school falls into that category. Introducing urgency through smarter marketing strategies can work wonders – mainly because it gives leads less time to find obstacles.

Stats show that 60% of consumers make FOMO purchases, and usually within 24 hours. So, the right ads won’t just generate more business. They will secure quick results to take your flight school to new heights truly.

Urgency can be introduced through special timed promotions, discounts, loyalty rewards, and treats. They can be presented via direct marketing, PPC, social media posts, and a host of additional methods.

Some recipients will decide against signing up for lessons or making an alternative purchase. However, they’d eventually reach that conclusion via your current flight school marketing campaigns. For both success and failure, faster resolutions will transform your business for the better. Not least because you place greater focus on the converted clients.


#3. You Don’t Follow Leads In The Right Way

Generating leads is one thing, but it counts for nothing if this isn’t followed by conversion. The path to conversion should, therefore, be a priority for every flight school growth strategy. An effective sales funnel only the start.

Did you know that leads are 100x more likely to engage with phone contacts after signing up for your website? It is just one of many stats to underline the importance of managing your leads database in style.

Implementing a better CRM (customer relationship management) package is the best answer. Off The Ground will install a platform that allows you to manage campaigns/triggers for follow up sequences, flight bookings, student management, student learning, and more.


Whether completely automated or manually managed, the increased responsiveness from your end will get more leads over the line while also promoting greater efficiency of time and money. Flight school marketing never looked better.

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