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Many flight schools struggle to find a business partner to create integrated marketing campaigns for attracting prospective students. We offer a dedicated platform that is designed to do just that, through optimizing recruitment processes, to help flight schools to position themselves as the leading provider in their area.

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Marketing Your Flight School

Most flight schools strive to find a person to produce integrated marketing campaigns to entice potential student pilots to reach marketing and business goals. We offer a devoted team who can assist you with optimizing your recruitment process and help your flight school situate itself as ‘first’ in the mind of your potential student pilots.

Where is your school with on-ground procedures?

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Building a Digital Presence For Your Flight School

No matter what, you want to fill those cockpits with student pilots in the left seat every single enrollment term. Your flight school has aircraft, classrooms and the staff ready to teach those pilots. But generating new student pilots is vital every term, and without them, it’s impossible to keep operating a flight school.

This is where having a targeted digital presence along with a fully integrated marketing campaign tailor-made for your flight school comes into play.

New Students are the BACKBONE for any Flight School.

We’re not a cookie-cutter agency but rather a complete aviation marketing enterprise. Our Hybrid marketing solution is devised explicitly for your flight school to seal the gaps in your prospecting process. With this, you will manage your students more effectively and eliminate any bottlenecks constraining your growth.


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We connect you to passengers in your base geographical area, presenting you at the forefront of competition.


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We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk with results-driven strategies and processes.


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It is safe to say that after our diverse range of clients, we have learnt a thing or two about what works.

What do you get from a partnership with Off the Ground?

  • Increase the awareness of your flight school by getting in front of more potential pilots

  • Convert more qualifying students increasing your enrollment rates and admission staff productivity

  • Create authentic and compelling marketing campaigns to position the flight school and nurture potential pilots to get them closer to the enrollment stage

  • Manage your recruitment process in a single centralized database integrated with a CRM

  • Get visual dashboards with real time data that helps you analyze the pulse of your flight school

“Very professional approach to marketing making use of social platforms and progressive ideas. They helped, not only, to put our brand in front of new prospective clients, but the right target market.”

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Shane Woods

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We Are Here to Help

Digital marketing has proven to be an important strategic decision for flight schools today. As the number of flight schools has been rising due to the growing demand of people aiming to become pilots, engineers and technicians, engaging students has become undeniably important for all flight schools.

Off the Ground specializes in offering advanced systems tailored to meet all flight school and aviation education providers’ needs.

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Our marketing experts are jet fuel junkies, with a passion for all thing’s aviation and it’s this combination of marketing and aviation that makes us great at what we do.

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