What to Look for in an Aviation Marketing Agency

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Suppose you’ve decided to hire an aviation marketing company (digital marketing agency that specialises in aviation) or perhaps are thinking of enlisting their help, it’s important to know what to look for. Check out our handy guide here that tells you the 3 main things to look for in an aviation marketing company. This way, you know what to expect, and it also helps avoid friction down the track.


An Aviation Marketing Agency that Walks Their Talk

You wouldn’t go to a personal trainer that was unfit and had poor results, would you? At least we hope not. You would want to see proof that they are getting results for their clients. They walk their talk! The same principle applies to hiring an aviation marketing agency. If they are not getting results for their clients, why would you go through them? To determine if they walk their talk and have great results, we recommend the following:

  • Look at their case studies. Who have some of their clients been? What results have they gotten for them? What’s their reputation?
  • Look at their overall social proof—what are others saying about them? Check out their testimonials, online reviews, feedback, etc.
  • Look at what marketing results they are getting for themselves. For instance, if you need help with running a blog, how do they run their blog? What you see tells you a lot.


An Aviation Marketing Agency with Great Systems in Place

A good aviation marketing agency will have great systems that allow them to be organized and on track to get you great results. They should talk you through the process of how they will work with you. There should be 100% transparency, so there’s no guessing or worrying on your end. You know the why, who, what, when and even the how. If these are not clear, you can easily feel neglected, and it’s often a red flag which you shouldn’t ignore. To determine if they have sound systems in place, we recommend you ask them the following questions:


  • Who will be my point of contact?
  • How much work is produced by your staff versus outsourcing?
  • What does your process look like?
  • What’s the best way to communicate?
  • What materials do you need from us?
  • What are common roadblocks and obstacles to avoid?
  • How can we help on our side to make things go smooth?


An Aviation Marketing Agency with Expertise and Knowledge

Along with demonstrating actual results, an aviation marketing agency should demonstrate expertise and awareness in the areas they work in. After all, this tells you enormous amounts about them. Think back to a job interview. It’s not enough to have a great resume and even a good interview. You must demonstrate your expertise and knowledge in real life. If they claim, for instance, to be experts in ‘aviation marketing’, where is the proof? It should be clear on their website, especially on their home page and all their marketing. Along with this, it should come through when you speak to them. To help you determine if they have expertise and knowledge, we recommend the following:

  • Review content they produce on their website, social media, and any material or other marketing materials. Does it reflect expertise and knowledge of the area?
  • Study the people behind the agency. What are their credentials, background, overall reputation, etc.?
  • What is your first impression of them? Remember, first impressions count!


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