The Urban Dictionary of Private Jet Marketing

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Off the Ground Marketing
Off the Gound Marketing

If you manage a business in the field of aviation and private jet chartering, you naturally demand a marketing strategy that will get your venture Off The Ground.

Before entrusting any aviation marketing agency to help your brand take flight, you must familiarize yourself with some of the most important terms in private jet marketing. Here’s all you need to know.


Aviation Brand Credibility

As a private jet chartering company, you work exclusively with high-class clients who are used to working with businesses they can trust. Building brand credibility essentially means convincing prospective leads to believe in your product, services, and expertise.

Brand credibility is achieved through carefully constructed and consistent marketing plans targeted to the demographics that use private jets, followed by transparent communication and a premium quality service that delivers value for money.


Aviation Content Marketing

Content marketing isn’t restricted to private jet marketing. However, its role for private jet operators is perhaps even greater. Successful content marketing is the key to strong organic SEO tactics, yield the most valuable traffic. It also shows brand personality.

Off The Ground can design and implement a tailored content marketing strategy that includes a range of features, including but not limited to; press releases, media coverage, guest blogging, vlogging, blog curation, photo production.


Aviation Media Database

When searching for media and PR opportunities, the process of reaching out to contacts can be very long-winded. A media database is essentially an organized directory of journalists and influencers. It subsequently makes the outreach processes smoother and faster.

Given that time is money, it is a powerful tool to make your marketing budget work harder. Moreover, tracking allows you to build meaningful working relationships with your private jet marketing strategy with the most valuable media outlets.


Aviation Direct Marketing

When brand credibility and trust are secured, you will want to focus on gaining loyalty. After all, your target audience is limited to a small number of wealthy clients. If it’s difficult to win new business, you’ll need to make the most of those you have. Direct marketing is vital.]

Direct marketing can take several forms, ranging from phone calls to email newsletters and mail campaigns. When a comprehensive strategy that builds a consistent brand image and rewards loyalty is in place, your private jet marketing efforts should yield repeat conversions.


Aviation Event Management Marketing

Many private jet clients are high flyers, pun intended. Therefore, you are likely to find them at trade shows and B2B networking events. Getting your charter company seen at those events can bring many sign-ups and conversions, delivering exceptional value for money.

Even management marketing can cover all elements of planning, operating the pitch, and following up leads after the event. The right materials and promotional goods also provide the perfect platform to really sell the services with rich talks and visual content.


Aviation Conversion Path

Conversions are the only barometer of success that matters. Impressions, campaign reach, and other metrics count for nothing if you do not gain the desired revenue levels. The conversion path is simply the journey that the user follows from a touching point to a transaction.

The need to focus on this aspect of the private jet marketing strategy is clear. Various analytics and tools like A/B testing can determine the best solutions and ensure that marketing strategies continually evolve to deliver the best results.


Get in touch today to learn more about the key marketing terms that will influence your private jet business or how Off The Ground can devise the perfect strategy!

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