Airlines, Marketing and COVID-19

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Off the Gound Marketing

The airline business is big business, and we often see some airlines perform much better than the rest. While we may want to attribute the high performance of these airlines to their fares, it is essential to note that some of these airlines invest in strategic marketing, which considers different factors.

The airline business is saturated with so many airline operators, which invariably means there is a lot of competition to stay relevant and remain operational.

Airline operators are not just in it to deliver transportation services, but they also need to generate revenue to keep the airline running and make profits, which is why it is essential to pay attention to their marketing and service delivery.

Airline marketing cannot be handled haphazardly, or the results could be ineffective, and lead the airline through a series of losses. We have reached a point where airline passengers are beginning to expect more from airlines in terms of their marketing, and they want personalisation of their experiences with the airline. Airlines that hope to upscale the competitive market are left with the marketing responsibility of ensuring that each passenger always feels in control while also obtaining adequate assistance through each process.

Some questions that may come to mind are, “Can airlines market to each passenger in a personalised way? Is it ethical to do so considering that it is a business venture?” Interestingly, the answer is a big YES to each of the questions. Airlines need to adopt marketing strategies that will enable them to evolve and reach each passenger. The airline business is a consumer-based market, and it is essential to note that airline marketing is not as straightforward as marketing for some other companies. Instead, airline marketing encapsulates customer service plus advertising.


Benefits of Airline Marketing

There are several benefits your airline can gain if it is marketed strategically.

These benefits include:

Personalized Reach

With the right marketing strategy in place, your airline marketing can be customised to reach each passenger in a personalised way, such that the passengers are made to feel special. They will also be a part of the personalised experience. Furthermore, we can help your airline spread its tentacles to a specific set of prospective customers with our professional marketing tools.


Awareness and Connection

The airline industry is highly competitive, with different airlines doing all they can to outdo each other. For your airline to stand out from the crowd, it is essential to have an effective and efficient marketing strategy that would create the right awareness, which could, in turn, pave the way for a connection between the airline and prospective flyers.



The moment prospective customers get connected to your airline marketing campaign, marketing follow up takes place until these potential passengers are converted to your airline’s passengers. Remember that these passengers are looking for an experience that will either make them stay or make them consider a better option. Our aviation marketing expertise can help your airline create pleasant memories and experiences for passengers who use your airline.


Technological Dynamism

Effective marketing also involves the strategic integration of modern technology into new or existing systems. Technology is not static, and every day we see emerging technologies that have fantastic use potential. Other airlines are eager to integrate emerging technology, and that is because they hope to remain relevant within the industry. TIn contrast, these technological wonders are supposed to make life easy; it is essential to note that not everyone is tech-savvy and should ensure that the airline has processes in place to guide such customers through and thus make their experiences memorable.


The airline business is big business, and relevance is dependent on how strategic your airline marketing is. Our aviation marketing services are just for you if you need the best hands in the industry to help your airline scale the challenge of always dealing with competitors. We understand the workings of the industry, and we are ready to share our solutions and knowledge with you. Allow us to assist you with your airline marketing to optimise the success of your airline business.

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