A Look at Aviation Events and Festivals in 2021

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COVID-19 has been the biggest disruptor to the aviation industry, putting a worldwide pause to flights, events, festivals and more. But with the world slowly reopening up, aviation is making a comeback. Check out some great aviation events and festivals happening in 2021 that we’ve compiled here for you. If you can’t attend, make a note for next time!


Air shows

Air shows are the thrill and excitement of aviation and draw crowds in their thousands. They are great for showcasing and marketing your aviation business. Check out the following air shows:

The 2021 World Aviation Festival (April 19 2021– 23 2021)

This festival was held virtually during the third week of April. It brought together leaders and experts in travel, aviation, and even infectious disease to talk about the airline industry’s future. There were keynote addresses, networking sessions and speaker panels.

Farinborough International Air show Connect (July 13- 2021 15 July 2021 )

The Farnborough International Air show Connect 2021 is the world’s only major digital trade event for the aerospace and defence industries. It brings together industry, government, and academia. It’s a free online event, and you can join from anywhere in the world.

 The Dubai Air show (November 14 2021 – 18 November 2021)

The Dubai Air show is set to be one of the most significant in-person aerospace events in 2021. It has already been marked as a must-attend by regional and global organisations keen to speed up the recovery.

The Australian International Air show (November 30 2021 – December 5 2021)

It’s aIt’s also called the Avalon Air show, as it’s held at Avalon Airport every two years between Melbourne and Geelong, Victoria. It’s the biggest air show in the southern hemisphere. It regularly features planes from the Royal Australian Air Force and the United States Air Force.

Wings Over Houston Airshow (October 9 2021 – October 10 2021)

One of the top air shows in the United States, this premier Houston event is well known for showcasing vintage World War II aircraft, along with the thrills of modern aviation. It has supported a variety of local and national charities. It is held only in person.

Aviation Events 2021

Aside from air shows, many aviation events are happening in 2021, and we’ve listed some here for you.

International Conference on Aviation Safety and Aviation Security (July 19-20, 2021)

The International Research Conference, held virtually in Toronto, Canada, brings together leading academic scientists, researchers, and research scholars to exchange and share information on all aspects of Aviation Safety and Aviation Security.

Flight Safety Foundation’s Summits and Seminars (Various Dates)

Flight Safety Foundation’s summits and seminars are major events that bring together aviation professionals to discuss aviation safety. Leading aviation experts talk about manufacturing, development, maintenance, operations and more. One upcoming event for 2021 is:

Civil Aviation Safety Authority Events

CASA, the leading civil aviation safety association in Australia, hosts many aviation events throughout Australia. Some are open to aviation professionals from all over the world. CASA is both a nationally and globally respected association. Australia has one of the world’s safest aviation records, and the industry is the most regulated. Some upcoming CASA events are:

  • 15th July – Point Cook Aviation Safety Seminar
  • 23rd July – Moree Aviation Safety Seminar
  • 23rd August – Sydney Flight Instructor Workshop

We hope you get to attend some of these aviation events and festivals. They are a fantastic way of showcasing your brand and aviation business. For expert help in marketing your aviation business, Schedule a FREE Consultation with the aviation marketing experts at Off The Ground Marketing.

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