5 Aviation Traditions we want to see Alive

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Traditions exist in every culture on the planet and help us stay connected to the past. For instance, blowing candles on a birthday cake, making wishes, family traditions, etc. Aviation has its own traditions, but sadly, many of these are becoming lost with the modern age. We think the following 5 aviation traditions should be kept alive. See what you think!


A Quick Note on Aviation Traditions

Given that aviation, at least modern aviation is several decades old; it’s only natural that traditions have been created by the early pioneers of the field, followed by later aviation professionals and even the so-called amateur pilots. No matter where you are in aviation, we encourage you to create your own traditions and keep them!


5 Aviation Traditions we want to see Alive Traditions add an extra element and help make things memorable and fun.


Taking your Sweetheart on a Flight

For all the romantics out there, taking one’s sweetheart on a flight is a time-honoured tradition. This is popular on Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, mystery flights etc. Popping the question – Will you Marry Me? It’s always more memorable if she says YES!

Is also another time-honoured tradition.

Drinking after a Solo Flight

Now you wouldn’t generally put drinking and flying together. Not a good combination, but the aviation industry does enjoy a drink or two, so it’s only natural that many traditions have been created around alcohol. One such popular one is having a good old drink (Scotch or Whiskey) is the traditional beverage to celebrate your first solo flight.


Cutting the Shirt

After a student’s pilot’s first flight is complete, another tradition is to cut the tail off their shirt. Sometimes the words and the date “first solo” are written on the shirt, and it’s hung proudly. In this day and age, pictures are shared on social media.


The Water Salute

Once a plane has landed, fire trucks on both sides of a plane spray water into the air for the plane to pass through. Spray on, we say! It’s a tradition done when a captain retires or a new plane is brought into service.!

This occurs when airport fire equipment is brought out for a special display called a water salute.

Pancake Fly-In

Don’t you love pancakes? We do here at Off the Ground Marketing. A pancake fly-in isn’t something invented by the Pancake Parlour. Rather it’s an aviation tradition that refers to having a pancake breakfast when a pilot has just flown into another town. Great excuse to be flying into town in the morning. Also, another great excuse to mix with other pilots and cabin crew and do some serious socialising and networking over pancakes.

We hope these traditions have inspired you to create your own aviation traditions. Contact the Off the Ground Marketing team for all your aviation business marketing needs, who can help take your business to the next level.

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